Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yes, I'm Still a Beginner

I had all kinds of grand plans for this blog. I was going to document every step in my birding journey, report all the cool discoveries I made, and embarrass myself by revealing how little I actually know about birds. Yet here it is almost a year since I last posted. Don't ask me what happened, because I can't point to anything in particular. I guess life happened.

Right now, for me birding is pretty much relegated to what I can see outside my window. I do occasionally get a few moments to make observations when I'm out and about, but that's about the extent of any of my outings this year. In fact, I've yet to take a day—or a few hours, for that matter—just to bird. That will kind of make my goal of 100 species in my county a bit tough to reach. However, I do have 55 species right now, so I guess it's still attainable. I just have to get out there and do it.

Who knows, maybe I'll get my act together someday. Maybe I can use this blog as I originally intended. Maybe I can embarrass myself.

Happy birding, everyone!

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